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September 12th, 2010, 9:03 pm

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Reply eternalbeliever12, September 12th, 2010, 9:03 pm

And thats it. Should of updated 20 pages but this is all I got. Thanks for reading. Hope I didnt lose you guys and that the story is still understandable ^o^; Going to sleep for a few hours as soon as i wake up Im going to read all the comics on here that Ive missed.
btw how is the text font. Is it hard to read? Let me know if its bad I will change it

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Reply Living Rock, September 12th, 2010, 10:35 pm

Ohh, baby's all grown up...I didn't expect that face jab :) Nice page.

Reply Vervain, September 13th, 2010, 2:04 am

PFfff > > Loud girls are amusing~. I can read the font just fine and I'm not lost either~!
Keep it up! (after you rest)
;hasn't been commenting as much as he should...;

Reply BakaMonMon, September 13th, 2010, 8:06 am

YAY!!1 UPDATE!! :3 Keep it up ^-^ I love the expressions on their faces

Reply Theorah, September 13th, 2010, 2:29 pm

wooow so many pages! That was satisfying to read, esp since it was a very pondering/thoughtful part of the story.

Aw poor Demi, her friend is wrong, you should just do whatever feels best to you! Having said that, if Demi is wearing fashionable clothes because she likes fashion, thats great! But I never thought it was good to change yourself just for someone else :( Aw its a problem we all go through when we're younger, in the end you realise its just easier and more fun to do whatever you feel like doing, thats the true meaning of 'being yourself', just not letting that 'image of yourself' get in the way!

Reply 3o-s-knight, January 12th, 2011, 7:14 am

it's grea tto see an update~ <3 yeah i agree it was quite interesitng to see why dmei is the way she is, quite a big turning point =o I didnt think that she would have had a lot of confidence back in school, i wonder what changed to make her more like she is now? ='I i hope you update more in the future, it rocks =)

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