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March 28th, 2010, 10:08 am

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Reply eternalbeliever12, March 28th, 2010, 11:08 am

Agh my computer is sort of half dead so now I'm using a laptop that's over 10 years old. The light on it is a bit dim so I had trouble sorting out this page. Hope it looks ok.

And honestly I don't know how to reply any-more,your comments are soooo nice!! I'm kinda speechless so sorry that my replies are so short I feel that they should be longer haha xDD

Poena: Haha she must of forgotten about what Kim did to that guy! But will she stay strong? XD Thanks for the comments!
Btw when I was uploading the pages got mixed up, xD I only realized that after you commented,just letting you know incase you missed a page, I don't think you did though :S

Aww you can read my characters well!! :3 And sure I will let you know at the end. I think you are really good at drawing group scenes too especially when they are a band!:3 Thank-you for the comments!!

Some unknown dude: Haha your right, she's missing him already on this page xD Its interesting to read how you came up with your characters. I also create characters personalities that way but only when I'm drawing shonen style comics. I think shonen characters should be more stable in their personality xD
Thankyou for the comments!
Yay I'm glad you can relate too. Part of me was worried that girls would be the only one that could relate to this haha xD

Living Rock: Thankyou for the comments!! :D I agree the poke was pretty funny!!

Theorah: Interesting, I agree with what you said about Demi. She does seem rather withdrawn at the beginning but you can tell from her thoughts that she is rather normal than isolated. Thank-you very much for the comments!

Bakamonmon: Thankyou I love drawing expressions, must be my one of my only strong points XXD

Thanks for reading everyone :)

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Reply 3o-s-knight, March 28th, 2010, 6:56 pm

hahah! you can reply to comments however you like , ps. i know what you mean about finding it hard to rpely to complimments, but you do it just fine, a jthink a thank you is more than a enough ='D
the nice comments are well desrved this is an amazing comic Dx have more faith in your work, your stuff is awesome just keep doing what you are doing~
like mannn just now, this is so realistic XD this totlaly brings me back to college nostaliga where i used to wait and look for the guys i was into hahahaa XD awe man it's o natural and cute ='D demiiii

Reply Living Rock, March 29th, 2010, 12:59 pm

Ooo, she's constantly thinking of Kim. Ha, she got so busted looking for him. I like the whip sound effect. Makes me think she is acting like a soldier sneaking into enemy territory.

Reply Theorah, March 29th, 2010, 1:38 pm

LOL shes a bad liar! XD aw, seem's Kim is on her mind, wether she wants it or not ;)

Reply .Poena., March 29th, 2010, 5:13 pm

yes! she must stay strong! X<
yourwelcome! :)
i like commenting on this comic! its really interesting to see how the characters are being revealed! X3

*is eagerly awaiting the next update*

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